This Multi-Purpose Positioning Foam Bed Wedge:

Provides a comfortable support in a variety of positions. Ideal for: head, foot or leg elevation. Comes in 7", 10", or 12" thick. Helps to ease respiratory problems, neck pain shoulder pain or back pain. All Covered in Terry Cloth white removes easily for washing.

Bed Wedge Can be used for:

Reading in Bed

Watching Television
Acid Reflux
Hiatus Hernia
Chest Congestion
Sinus Drainage
Sciatica Sciatic Pain
Low Back Pain

GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease)


Foam Donut Cushion w/Cover  Slopping Coccyx Cushion (Beige)        






Synthetic Sheepskin - Decubitus Pad 30 x 40

Prevents Bedsores

Dense, heavyweight material

Distributes pressure evenly, allows air circulation

Helps prevent skin shear

Machine washable and dryable







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