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5/28/2011  Derrick L.

I was suffering all week from a lower back pain, and it was getting to the point of where it was getting difficult to walk without feeling the pain, so I finally decided to do something about it.

I stumbled upon this place after having lunch with a couple friends nearby, and I thought I would drop into see if they could help. If this place could get 6 out of 5 stars, that's what i would give it. It looks like a small store, so I was hesitant on going in, thinking that they wouldn't have what I was looking for, but to my surprise, they had so much stuff inside.

They get +1 star for having such a huge variety of products that I was looking for. I wanted a back brace to try to alleviate some of the pain, and they had well over 10 different kinds of braces, so I had a bunch to choose from.

They get another +2 stars for customer service. I thought I was going to annoy the worker with my long list of questions, but it was the other way around, he had tons of questions to ask me. He explained to me that there are different kinds of back braces for different kinds of people, depending on the activities you do, the work you're involved in, if you do sports or not. He recommended me the brace I have now, and it's fantastic. He also took it out of the box for me and showed me how to put it on, and how to take it off. I wore it out of the store.  

They get +2 more stars for their fast service. I was expecting to be staring aimlessly at their wall of back braces for 15 minutes before I end up asking for help or when an employee comes over and asks if I needed help (like I did at other stores, and hated), but I was warmly greeted and asked if I needed help within a few seconds of walking into the store. I was in and out of there within 10 minutes.

+1 star for actually having a trained therapist there to give me recommendations on how to treat my back problems. (By resting the muscles, and applying ice and heat to the area, etc.). I was really comforted by the fact that there was someone there who knew what they were talking about to back up the product they recommended.

Overall, it's fantastic store with amazing products. I would definitely be back for future needs.

4/22/11 L.F.

My daughter was in the hospital at UCSF and we needed some supplies that we couldn't easily get through the hospital before discharge.  Able Medical was very helpful especially as I needed to go by at closing time.  They are highly recommended.

4/5/2011  William K.

I was in need of men compression socks, and all I wanted to do was walk into Able Medical Supplies and buy my item and walk out, but the store clerk would not let me.  He took the time to make sure that I was getting the proper item for my needs.  He measured by leg and instructed my on the proper use of the compression socks and even suggested that I should see a doctor.

I am glad that I selected Able Medical Supplies to buy my medical supplies, because they have people there who really care.

2/12/2011  Alan Y.

Somehow I managed to fracture one of my metatarsals.  After a quick Google search and Yelp, I found Able Medical Supplies.  I called at 4:30pm on a Saturday, about 30 minutes before they were to close.  Gerald was effective, efficient, and friendly.  On the phone, he quickly answered my question and had the right product for my situation.  I got there around closing time and Gerald took the time to make sure I understood the use of the medical device, and even helped me to put it on.  He took extra time to tell me how to adjust and maintain the medical device.  Thanks, Gerald.  You made a difference in my life today.   You helped me to be "Able" for life!

4/16/2009 by 'Michael C.'

I, unlukily, have a "relaxed arch," or more commonly: flat-feet. This causes pain when I walk long distances and play sports. I walked into Able Medical with hopes that i could get an arch support or a device that would help ease my pain. As I talked with Gerald, he seemed to deeply know what he was talking about. He fitted me with a support that I continually use today. I have gone back to the store multiple times to either buy a new support, or help my father find something he needs. The store had an abundance of supplies and the staff (especially Gerald) is extremely friendly and you could tell that they knew their stuff. If you need medical supplies, need any physical help, or just want to smile and talk with a fun guy, Able Medical is the place to go.

3/19/2009 by 'Bush S.

My Mother needed to buy something for my Grandmother and we called here first to see if they were still open. They were closing in about 10-15 minutes when we called, but thankfully they were so nice that they stayed open for us to drop by. My Mother and friend went in while I stayed double parked outside and they received excellent customer service. Thank you!

2/12/2009 by ‘Tom D.'

Gerald is a very knowledgeable guy and as soon as you meet him, you can tell he really wants to help. After we talked about what I needed (a product for my in-laws), it turned out that he had exactly that in stock (his was the only place in SF that did). He kept the store open late, so that I could rush across town to pick it up. Should I need additional products in this area, his number will be the first one I dial..

1/25/2009 by ‘Michael C.

Called at 8am asking for a pair of crutches as I'd injured my foot the night before and couldn't walk.  The guy came in and opened up the store just for me!!!  Wonderful customer service =D

1/11/2009 by ‘Tonia F.’

Wow.  I thought customer service was dead!  Not at Able Medical!  My mom was visiting during the holidays and stumbled off a curb, breaking one of her foot bones (I'm an ER doctor, so I know this).  As it was a holiday weekend, I definitely did NOT want to visit the local ERs with the masses, so I called to see if Gerald had what we needed:  a CamWalker splint in the appropriate size.  Upon phoning, I learned that Able Medical was actually closed that day, but Gerald asked what I needed anyway.  He phoned me back after going to his warehouse to check his stock, and then offered to drop the splint off *at my house* since he was heading my direction anyway.  One hour after after my first inquiry by phone, Gerald arrived at my house, deftly put the splint on my mom, and allowed me to write him a check.  The price for all this was comparable to what I would have paid if I ordered the same equipment over the internet.  I am very impressed at the outstanding and knowledgeable service and inexpensive prices at Able Medical.  I will be a repeat customer and recommend them without hesitation.

12/29/2008 ‘Sarah B.’

I have a herniated disc and have been in pain and in physical therapy forever (it seems), and needed to find a local store for supplies. I found Able online based on many good reviews, and now I would never go anywhere else. Gerald's care and customer service is really special. He is knowledgeable, patient, and willing to spend time with you to be sure you have what you need. I'm grateful to have found him

12/27/2008  by Linne H.

I had a bad neck ache and searched Google Maps for a medical supply store and found Able Medical nearby. I went to their website and emailed the to see if they had what I needed. To my surprise, I got an email back right away. They didn't have everything but had what I needed. I went in and bought it. It was fast, professional and very easy.

9/29/2008 by phillip w.

Gerald the mastermind behind this whole operation is the one to go to for any questions you may have.
Zenas is the grunt, someone you would call upon to get the package you could not reach at the top of the shelf.
What seems like a small store actually holds a warehouse full of supplies for the physically disabled/injured. Ice packs, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, toilet seat covers, bathtub seats etc.

And just say by chance they dont carry what your looking for, they are willing to assist you in any way possible so you could have a good idea of where to make your next stop.

Despite the fact that I myself do not in need of any of their products, at least I know where to go if the situation does come up. Thanks again to Zenas and Gerald for being a great help~

9/24/2008  by l.w.

Great variety of equipment in stock, excellent prices, relatively easy parking, and I simply received superior service from Gerald Chan... he went out of his way to answer all my questions, present me with all my options, race around the stock room to find everything I wanted to see, and then went out of his way to package my walker for shipping and even brought out a scale so I could anticipate what it might cost to ship it. It would be impossible to have better or nicer service!

5/19/2008  by Galin L.

If you need medical supplies go to Able Medical.  The prices are great but what really sets Able apart from any other medical supply store is the owner, Gerald Chan.  He is absolutely the most knowledgeable, thoughtful, friendly and professional individual you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  We know because before stumbling into the "Blue Store", we shopped at medical supply stores throughout the city for my mom (limited mobility).  Gerald will take his time to understand your problems, and explain your options in easy to understand language.   What else is there to say?  Great store!  Great prices!  Gerald is great!

2/6/2008 by Eclipse T.

Service was very friendly and professional.  Found exactly what I was looking for and the clerk helped me adjust it correctly, made sure I knew how to use it, and offered advice and tips for use.  Paid no sales tax on the item since I had a prescription.  I'd happily come back here and refer people here for medical supply needs.

8/7/2007 by Liz K.

Friendly, fast, accurate, knowledgeable, honest service. Gerald is efficient without sacrificing friendliness. He also helped me try to get the best deal on something that my doctor was charging a ton for. The things I needed were in stock, too. He can also investigate bigger-ticket items, given enough time. You should definitely check this place out if you're tired of the margins that hospitals / doctors charge on this stuff.

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