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Understanding how our Medical Supplies and Equipment functions in relationship to the individualís task, body, and situation is our greatest concern!

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Getting You to a Healthier Life through Physical, Mental, and Spiritual means!  We are NOT defined by an Insurance, Medicare Numbers, Codes, and their 'Allowables' !!!


Gerald Chan

Kinesiologist - SFSU   Certif.: Athletic Coaching
Licensed Physical Therapy Therapist Assistant
Licensed Pharmacy Technician

Medical Supplies and Equipment Products:     

Aids of Daily Living: Blanket Support, Reacher, Face Masks, Gloves, Home Care Bed Rails, Hot/Cold Products, Patient Gown, Seat Assist, Theracane, Transfer Board  Wood, Transfer Handle Bedrail, Long Handle Sponge, Tilt Table

Bathroom Safety Bath Benches, Bath Stool, Hygienic Bath Chair, Shower Chairs, Bathtub Transfer Benches, Bathtub Rails, Bath Mats, Grab Bars, Hand Held Showers, Commodes, Elevated Raised Toilet Seats, Toilet Seat Frames

Cushions:  Pillows - Neck, Cervical, Memory; Positioning, Posture, Bed Wedge, Abduction Pillow, Synthetic Sheepskin - Decubitus Pad, McKenzie Cervical Pillow

Diagnostics:  Blood Pressure Monitor - Pediatric, Adult, Large Adult, Diabetic Supplies, Stethoscopes - Littmann Omron, Thermometers, Penlight, Hammer

Electrotherapy:  TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, EMS - Electrical Muscle Stimulator, Ultrasound Gel, Electrodes

Hospital Bed:  Semi-Electric or Full Electric Beds (Package Deal:  Bed, Mattress, Rails, Assembling, Delivery, Instruction)

Incontinence:  Adult Diapers or Adult Briefs, Pull Ups, Undergarments, Underpads, Urological, Foley or Condom Catheters, Ostomy, Wound or Skin Care, Nutritional Feeding, Bed Wetting Devices, Urine Collection Devices - Leg Bags, Bed Side Bags, Specimen Cups

Lift Chair:  To Help you sit to stand or stand to sit; Lounge Chair

Orthopedic:  Ankle, Knee Braces, Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist Braces and Supports, Cervical Collars, Finger Splints, Knee and  Shoulder Immobilizers, Arm Slings, Knee Walker,  Posture Supports, Hernia Belt and Briefs, Compression Stockings or Lymphedema Garments, Diabetic Socks, Insoles, Orthopedic Comfort Shoes, Custom Orthotics, Night Splint, Patella Knee Strap, Post Op Shoes, Shoe Covers, Cast Covers Protectors, Paraffin Unit Wax. Aircast, Bunion Aid

Ostomy:  Convatec, Hollister, Skin Prep, Stomahesive Paste, and many more...

Physical Therapy Supplies:  Thera Band Ball, Thera Band Exercise Bands,  Hand Exerciser, Exercise Ball, Hand Putty, Pedlar, Foam Roller, Kinesio Tape Taping, Athletic Taping

Respiratory Care:  Nebulizers, Oximeter, Incentive Spirometer, Tri Flows, Peak Flow Meter, Pulmo Aide, Pulmo Mate, Suction Machine Pump Aspirator, Toothette, Toothettes with Sodium Bicarbonate

Walking Aids:  4 Wheeled Folding Walkers, Rollators, 2 Wheeled Folding Walkers, Custom Walkers, Crutches, Forearm Crutches, Cane, Blind Cane, Adjustable Folding Canes, Cane Tips, Seat Cane.

We Repair and Service - Nova Walkers!!!

Wheelchairs:  Standard wheelchair, Lightweight, Companion Wheelchair, Rental Transport wheelchairs

Wound, Surgical, and Skin Care: Bandages, Creams, Dressings, Gels, ...Hard to Find items Tegaderm, Steri Strip, Duoderm, Xeroform, Gauze, Packing Gauze, Telfa, Abdominal Pad, Tapes, Surgical Instruments, EMT Paramedic Scissors, Forceps, ...AND MANY MORE, JUST ASK !!!


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